Serving Newcomers and Families

We create opportunities that build belonging


The foundation of a strong organization and a vibrant neighborhood is rooted in human connection, as belonging is a fundamental aspect of human existence. Our desire is not simply to participate in a community, but to truly feel a sense of belonging within it. This natural need for connection enhances our sense of safety, trust, and collaboration, reflecting our intrinsic nature as social beings.

At Umoja Community Mosaic, we’re dedicated to building connections that break down barriers and combat isolation. We create welcoming environments in every neighborhood we serve, ensuring everyone feels included, regardless of age, language, gender, religion, ethnicity, or culture. Join us in fostering belonging for families, communities, and neighborhoods.


We’re dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to thrive and contribute. Belonging means feeling recognized and appreciated, enhancing our lives and fostering psychological safety. Join us in creating spaces and programs where each person feels a genuine sense of belonging.


From a Soccer Program to a

Neighbourhood Movement

Founded in 2010 as a drop-in soccer club for immigrant and low-income children, Umoja Community Mosaic has become an organization that provides opportunities and support to Calgary’s underserved.

Soccer & Basketball

Umoja brings together youth and children from 30+ countries to share in the magic of playing soccer and to develop social skills. Our inclusive and accessible programming promotes friendship, leadership, life skills, and a sense of belonging.


Cultural Food Security

Umoja’s Food hampers offer a solution for families and seniors struggling to access culturally appropriate groceries. With regular delivery, families receive essential ingredients for nutritious meals, delivered with dignity and support.

Education & Learning

Umoja Thrive offers free after-school programs, including homework club and tutoring, to ensure students can access support within their own community. Youth volunteers, tutors, and Umoja alumni work together to provide support for academic and social development.

Community Belonging

Led by residents within the community, our neighborhood-based programming addresses a range of topics, including women’s programming, recreation, arts, anti-racism, and wellness. We empower local leadership and facilitate programming to support the diverse needs of our adult community.

Mental Wellness

Umoja Community Mosaic’s Mental Wellness Program is rooted in cultural sensitivity and connection, providing newcomers with supportive spaces for healing and growth. Through group sessions and one-on-one counseling, our program fosters engagement, allowing individuals to build resilience, navigate stress, and establish a sense of belonging in their new communities.

Executive Director & Founder

Jean Claude Munyezamu

Jean Claude Munyezamu is a Rwandan Canadian who escaped the genocide in 1994 and volunteered in refugee camps in Somalia and Sudan before moving to Canada in 1998.

In 2010, learning that children in his neighbourhood were getting into trouble, Jean Claude took some soccer balls to a nearby green space on a Saturday morning. He continues to nurture community relationships with each participating child and parent, while directing our growing organization.

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Many donors assume that by contributing to large organizations, they are making the biggest impact. By choosing to give to a smaller, local organization like Umoja Community Mosaic, donors actively enrich their community and can witness their dollars changing childrens’ lives.