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Maximum Local Impact

Many donors assume that by contributing to large organizations, they are making the biggest impact. By choosing to give to a smaller, local organization like Umoja Community Mosaic, donors actively enrich their community and can witness their dollars changing childrens’ lives.

From a Soccer Program to a

Neighbourhood Movement

Founded in 2010 as a drop-in soccer club for immigrant and low-income children, Umoja Community Mosaic has become an organization that provides opportunities and support to Calgary’s underserved.

Executive Director & Founder

Jean Claude Munyezamu

Jean Claude Munyezamu is a Rwandan Canadian who escaped the genocide in 1994 and volunteered in refugee camps in Somalia and Sudan before moving to Canada in 1998.

In 2010, learning that children in his neighbourhood were getting into trouble, Jean Claude took some soccer balls to a nearby green space on a Saturday morning. He continues to nurture community relationships with each participating child and parent, while directing our growing organization.


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Ways to Contribute

We believe each donor deserves to feel confident in their investment. Donors can see exactly how contributions are enriching the community. They interact with our founder and witness their dollars changing lives.

Maximum Local Impact

Your Dollars at Work

At Umoja Community Mosaic, we know you want to be a donor actively improving your community by investing in a reputable organization. You want your donation dollars to have maximum local impact. While giving to large organizations may seem less risky, there are smaller, deserving organizations within your community that could put your contributions to good use.

At Umoja, the fingerprint of our donors is on every success story. We believe each donor deserves to feel confident in their investment. They should see exactly how contributions are enriching the community and witness their dollars at work.

Here’s how to contribute:

Step 1:

Visit the donations page on this website.

Step 2:

Submit your donation.

Step 3:

Take pride knowing you’ve invested in the future of your community.

So, donate to Umoja Community Mosaic today. In the meantime, schedule a private tour with our founder, Jean Claude. See how we promote inclusion and community leadership, while focusing on each individual child and family for a ripple effect of success.

Questions about donating to Umoja?

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