Soccer Without Boundaries

We create opportunities that build belonging through sport, music, art, and learning and everyone belongs here.

Umoja Community Mosaic started in 2010 as a drop-in soccer club.  We host soccer outdoors in the summer months and indoors in the winter months where we focus on inclusion, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and community building. We also work with competitive soccer clubs to insert talented players into teams across Calgary (with tremendous thanks to CalGlen).

Umoja’s soccer program builds teamwork and leadership skills. Many Umoja athletes become coaches and all participants stay in school. Many have gone on to post-secondary institutions (some on soccer scholarships) and join the workplace in a range of careers.

**Please note: All sports participants need to register, even if they participated in the previous season**




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Marlborough Community Association

636 Marlborough Way NE

6pm – 8pm


Deer Run

Deerpoint Gardens SE playground

6pm – 8pm

Beddington Community

Beacham Park NW

6pm – 8pm



Glenbrook Girls

Glenbrook School – 4725 33 Ave SW

6pm – 8pm



16 Templemont Lane NE – field directly behind the hub

6pm – 8pm




Tom Baines – 250 Edgepark Blvd NW

6pm – 8pm



Genesis Center 

7555 Falconridge Blvd NE

6pm – 7pm

Technical Skills – ages 16+

7pm – 8pm




Glenbrook School – 4725 33 Ave SW 

10am – 12pm


Marlborough Community Association

636 Marlborough Way NE

6pm – 8pm


BASKETBALL – now until June 30

Sunday at the Foothills Alliance Church Gym NW – Ages 7-14 

333 Edgepark Blvd NW

Girls 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Boys 3:30pm – 4:30pm


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Culturally Appropriate Food Program

Food security is a growing concern with the pandemic and inflation. Umoja supports lower income families and seniors with food. This food is often delivered directly to Calgarians and is available for pickup in at least two communities. Sometimes we provide gift cards and we also work with faith groups to help increase our reach to folks in need.

We strive to provide foods from families’ home countries. They know how to prepare it, they will eat it and it brings comfort just like with any families’ cultural foods.

Community-Based Tutoring

Umoja connects students with tutors in the community. Many tutors are also involved as participants and may have received tutoring themselves during times of need.

Before the pandemic, tutoring was offered largely in-person. During the pandemic, tutoring was done virtually with Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, etc.

After School Programming

To provide access to low income newcomer youth to a safe, inclusive space for out of school programs including; arts/music/craft and homework support and social connections and emotional learning through engagement, in Winter/Spring 2023/2024. Volunteers help with homework and studying, and kids will engage in soccer (and other sports), music, arts and crafts.

2023/2024 School Year – Locations/Times:

Edgemont Hub (224 Edgeburn Lane NE):
Tuesdays beginning September 26th from 4:00PM-6:30PM
Deer Run Hub (342 Deerpoint Gardens SE):
Mondays beginning September 25th from 3:30PM-6:00PM
Glenbrook Elementary School (4725 33 Ave SW):
Fridays beginning October 6th  from 12:30PM-2:30PM
Email for more information or to register